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Running in Place

 Well, as usual, my creative life is giving me one step forward, one-half step back. I am making progress, but it's very slow - much slower than it should be. Additionally, when I've gotten home I've been so exhausted that I haven't had the energy to deal with Chickie's gift at all, even though it is all computer work right now. I need to have the computer work finished by Wednesday if at all possible and the resist transferred to the metal by then, and I suspect I'm running at least one week behind. I actually still have a lot to do before I can sink the metal into the acid, and there are some essential measurements that it has to correspond to but I'm too exhausted in the evenings to do it. Right now I want to get my mail gifts into the mail and my holiday cards finished, and that's where the problems are lying.

Stamping Supplies
Stamping Supplies come in a variety of types and colors.

The actual gifts are complete, packaged, and ready to ship. The holiday cards are taking more time to put together than I had thought they would. I wanted to do slightly raised glittered snowflakes and lettering. The snowflakes worked fairly well, but the lettering didn't and I ruined two cards attempting it. So on the way home last night, in our latest snow storm, I picked up some standard stamp pads and I will try that today. Hopefully that will work and I will be able to get the cards done except for the signatures and addressing the envelopes. I want them out next week, in plenty of time for Solstice. Solstice is creeping closer, and it will be a magical one with a full moon on the same day. That makes it a very powerful day indeed, and I urge all of you to reflect on your lives as we get closer to Solstice and think about what changes you want in your lives during the next year.
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