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Secret Santa Submission for Game of Thrones

These were unscreened on the 23rd of December, and I thought I might like to share with my f-list.  This one was the subject of one of my blogs because on the morning of the due date I awakened and realized that I had to write and submit it that day.  One hour later I pushed send.  So...there is every possibility that I had errors that I didn't find in this, but I came in under the wire and was proud of how I came up with a topic and wrote a quick story to post.  So...I share here...

Author:  Erulisse (one L)

Rating:  PG

Warnings:  None

Word Count:  756

Summary:  On a journey for the King, Jamie Lannister is faced with a fearsome foe wearing the guise of his beloved sister. 

A Secret Santa gift for kariamartinova

Unfulfilled Dreams

Snow was falling.  Wait…snow?  This wasn’t Winterfell, so why was snow falling?  Jamie shook his head to clear it and looked closer.  Yes, it was snow, but instead of coming from the sky, it was small ice crystals that were whirling around in the dawn’s light.  It was magical, and a smile slowly came to his face. 

What a shame I can’t share this with Cersei,’ he thought.  ‘I can just imagine her standing right over there on that hillock, lit by the golden light and looking as if she was a goddess come to earth.’ 

He quickly took a double-take.  Suddenly, in front of him, on the golden-hued hillock, was Cersei.  She was naked, but had a strategically-draped silken length of fabric crossing over her body, allowing one perfect breast to stand out; nipple erect.  His breath caught. 

No, this isn’t possible.  Cersei is at King’s Landing with Robert.  Not here in the middle of the Lands, looking at ice crystals catching the light.’  Jamie, whose horse had disgustedly stopped and was cropping grass while his rider made up his mind, looked more closely around him. 

Where am I?’ he continued.  ‘Is this some enchantment set to entrap me and slay me?’  He pulled his sword from its sheath and kneed his horse to move forward slowly. 

The horse, hearing the clean sound of Valarian steel being pulled out, had already raised his head, wondering at the actions of his master pulling cold steel against an invisible foe.  Then, being coaxed into movement, he reluctantly left the grassy patch behind him and moved forward, a bit closer towards the small lake in the distance. 

Cersei smiled and laughed gently, beckoning Jamie closer.  She held the fabric gently against her, emphasizing the perfect globe of her hidden breast below it.  The ice crystals swirled once more and Jamie’s breath caught again.  He had never seen her looking so beautiful.  In fact, he had never seen any woman looking so desirable.  His mind might be questioning what it was seeing, but his body was betraying him, his sex firming uncomfortably against the saddle. 

He looked carefully around him.  Was this an ambush?  Were thieves or assassins awaiting him in the thin stand of trees to the far side?  Was there any sound that would give him a clue?  No, he could see nothing to cause him alarm save the beautiful woman ahead of him.  His right hand firmed around the hilt of his sword, but as he turned his mind to possible battle, his left hand was moving, on its own accord, towards his crotch and his aching and stiff organ. 

Almost without volition, his attention returned to the female figure ahead of him.  Seeing that she had his attention again, she pulled the fabric over her shoulder, and then released it, freeing her hands.  Cupping her left breast with her perfectly-formed left hand, she slowly moved her right hand towards her pelvic area, shifting the fabric drape aside to show a curling, golden triangle of hair that he knew and missed so much.  Her fingers caressed her sex, causing her legs to part slightly and her lips to open, invitingly.  Her tongue gently licked her lips in blatant invitation. 

Jamie could stand it no longer.  Knowing that Cersei was not, indeed could not be standing on that hillock, he knew in the back part of his mind, that this had to be a sending.  He kneed his horse into a trot, then a canter, approaching the hillock, sword drawn.  And as his sword cleaved into the form of Cersei, it received no resistance.  He heard a laugh sparking the air as the golden light disappeared. 

Reining in his horse and turning him around, he looked again at the grassy patch.  A small whirling tunnel of wind stood there, and a voice gently spoke into his ear. 

“Well done, Ser Knight.  I could have been yours, and you mine, forever.  But that is not to be.  And on this first day of the New Year, I free you.  You may leave my presence to have other adventures in your future.”  The wind tunnel collapsed and disappeared and Jamie shook his head.  Never before had he been confronted by something so otherworldly.  But fortunately he had escaped with nothing worse than an aching need for sex, which would disappear over time.  He signed, replaced his sword into the scabbard and resumed his path.  How he wished Cersei had actually been standing in front of him.  Oh well…unfulfilled dreams….

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