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Bundle Up Against the Cold

 Temperatures are falling both with the weather and with personal interactions at home. I had to do a quick errand yesterday morning. My shop opens at 10 am, and the store that I needed to get something at opens at 9 am. That leaves me time to go to the store, get what I need, and return to the shop in time to open. I got to the store that I needed at 8:55 am and waited for their doors to unlock, went in and in 12 minutes, I was back out of the door and heading back to the shop. I got back to the shop, continued the chore that I needed more supplies for, finished that, went downstairs for a minute and the phone rang. It was my DH who started the conversation whining "Where have you been? I've been trying to get a hold of you for a half-hour." I said in return, "If you need to contact me and I'm not answering at the shop, call my cell phone. It's why I HAVE a cell phone." He got all miffed off about that and hung up. Now he's giving me the silent treatment because I "yelled" at him, and all because he was stupid and didn't call my cell phone because he didn't think about it. I've been carrying a cell phone for more than a decade, so you think he would use his brain sometimes <sigh>. Oy veh !

Falling Temperatures

And physical temperatures are cold here today also. Although the city doesn't get as cold as the countryside does, our state-wide temps dropped into the cooler last night and today will be quite cold as well. Our low temp is 10 degrees F (-12 degrees C). Our high for the day will be 23 degrees F (-5 degrees C) and our low overnight in the state was -10 degrees F (-23 degrees C). There was no snow overnight, although we are expected to get 1-3 inches of snow today. We have an index in this area that we call the PIP Index (Pain In the Posterior Index) and this winter is looking like it will plot quite high so far. A big change from last year's winter which was actually pretty darned nice, with minimal snow. Oh well - 'tis the season....
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