engarian (engarian) wrote,

Hell Day #2

Yesterday was busy, lots of happy customer, lots of sales. It didn't quite make my sales goals, so I'm hoping that the Friday/Saturday still remaining in our EOY sale will pull in the sales dollars that we need. I'm so stressed that I'm not sleeping well and my hands are a bloody wreck.

I don't chew my nails, but my tension always shows most in my hands - what a pain (literally). I just need to make it through the next two days... I think I need to work hard at getting back my normal optimism. *sigh*

At least my writing is coming along. I have one drabble in for final comments by my writers group, but probably will review it one more time and then post it. It will end my latest series. I have another story underway that I begged an extension for, and it is finally starting to come to a conclusion, and the other major one I'm working on is going well. I have to get to work on my SV story relatively quickly though, this one will be a stretch for me and since I'm doing it as a gift for someone else, I want it to be good for them.

My turkey is still frozen, my weight is still over what it should be, and I'm still enjoying my holiday gifts and cards. Things could be much worse, really. Silly me...just ignore the beginning of this post - LOL.
Tags: stormcloud trading, stress, writing

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