engarian (engarian) wrote,

Hell Day #1

Today is the first day of our End-of-Year 3-Day Sale. I reslly don't like running sales, it makes customers wait for a special before buying and we pride ourselves on our pricing year-round. But, we have had a year-end sale for the past few years and it has always been successful.

This year we had our three day Thanksgiving sale and now we will have this one, that's it. I guess two sales isn't too bad.

The first day of any sale is usually the busiest and I'm hoping we will get people in quantities that will allow us to help them adequately and not overwhelm the staff. We'll be working hard and I know I'll be very grateful when 6pm rolls around and I can lock the doors again until tomorrow. I'll probably be so exhausted I won't even have the energy to write.

So I'm already looking forward to my New Year's weekend. We're closed on Sunday, of course, our standard hours are only six days a week, but we are also closed on Monday so I'll have a rare chance to have two days off in a row. DH wanted a turkey for Sunday dinner, so my refrigerator is currently hosting a turkey getting ready for the oven.

I've been listening to some CD's that I won on a charity auction. The group is called Boiled In Lead. They are a Minneapolis musical group that started in the 90's and play Irish influenced music and some of the Irish standards, but with a very distinctive twist. I'm just loving it. Want a better idea of the group? Here's a You Tube link for you.
Tags: music, stormcloud trading, turkey

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