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My Christmas - A Mixed Bat

Christmas was hectic and a bit stumbly, but it turned out all right in the end. I woke about 8am, even though I wanted to sleep in, and went down to make out certificates for part of my DH’s Christmas gifts. Mine usually consist of admissions to various cultural events or museum exhibits, the ones that he gives to me usually consist of $20 for a DVD or book, the annual “extra day off” and his usual annual Uncrab certificate – highly valued.

We had told my father-in-law that we would be by around noon to drop off his gifts. He started phoning us at 8:30am complaining that we were coming too late. By 10am he had already called twice *sigh*. DH and I opened our stockings, but decided to leave the large gifts until after we had seen his father, so we got dressed and went over. My FIL was a total mess – angry, rude, just pissy. It was an experience I could have missed easily, and it upset my poor DH enough that he was in tears going home.

This isn't my Father-in-Law, but not far removed...

After arriving home, we spent a couple of hours decompressing and playing LOTRO, playing the Winterfest and getting the first of the two Winterfest horses that we can. I turned on the oven and when ready, put in the prime rib to cook. DH was finally back on an even keel again, so we opened the larger gifts. I had some wonderful books and, of course, my glass saw. So happy!

Spectrum 18 was one of my gifts. I have most of the series and love them.

So today is DH’s birthday, and I’m going to try everything I possibly can to make it extra special for him because I know that his father will squash things again. Please…someone promise to shoot me if I ever grow into my Father-in-law.
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