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Joyous Holiday and No Sleep

I was unable to sleep last night. Perhaps too much Chex Party Mix (wonderful munchy food that DH makes once a year in a HUGE batch, and responsible for at least two pounds of weight gain for the holidays). Perhaps it was the fact that today is Christmas Eve, the last day of my holiday working schedule, or...or...or. Who knows? All I know is that I was awake at 2am, and although I tried to sleep until 3am, I never really managed to accomplish it.

I gave up at 3:05am, grabbed another small bowl of Chex Mix, and went down to my computer. DH will wake early today and we'll go out to breakfast before heading to work. We'll try and grab a drink on the way home tonight and then, tomorrow is Christmas with his birthday coming on Monday. Like foolish people we're open for business on Monday, so we only get the one day off this weekend, although we will take two next weekend to celebrate New Year.

"For Unto You This Day, A Child Is Born"

Christmas Wishes for You... It is my true hope that those of you who celebrate the Christmas holiday have a blessed one, celebrating with those who you love and allowing yourselves to be happy both in your home and your worship. I wish you joy in your lives, today and in the future. Blessed Christmas.
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