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Under Pressure and More Greeting Cards

 I awakened this morning and went down to my computer. One of the groups that I belong to is a Game of Thrones activity group, where we combine writing with graphics in a variety of challenges. I had signed up to be a Secret Santa in a Tolkien group that I belong to, and also my Game of Thrones group and knew, in the back of my mind, that my "gift" was due on the 23rd.

I had decided to do five graphic icons and a story of 500-1000 words and had the graphics complete several days ago. I hadn't done anything about the story, though. So, when I awoke this morning, I double-checked the deadline date and had a slight panic attack. Oy! How did time get away from me so badly?

Sitting at the keyboard, I started writing. And an hour later, had posted a 700+ word fic that went in a direction I had never foreseen. I did take one read-through before posting to polish it slightly and catch any errors, but normally I will read through my stories up to 20 times before posting. I almost feel naked, having had to trust myself to post something that wouldn't be embarassing or too badly constructed on the fly like this. It's not my best work, but it's not my worst either. I think I can live with it. The Secret Santa fic I wrote for my Tolkien group was quite different. I worked on that one for many days and did many revisions. Either way, I hope my recipients enjoy their gifts.

And I have to shout out to my friend Shirebound whose greeting card arrived in yesterday's mail. I just loved it! And the trading card was fabulous. When the trading cards were first released, more than ten years ago now, I collected the first three sets - the Fellowship of the Ring, the Two Towers and the Return of the King sets. I have sets one and two complete and I'm missing less than five cards in set three. They are all in acid-free card holders in three-ring binders along with my artist cards that I also collect. Getting this card was a real bonus and I loved it! Have a marvelous Friday! 
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