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Good Solstice/Happy New Year

Last night was the longest night of the year, and today's sunrise begins a new year. Winter is just beginning and its days are already numbered, it has been born and is already dying. Today I am contemplative, so I will share three pictures of Solstice sunrise from three different places in the world. I also want to thank each of the following people who sent me absolutely wonderful Holiday cards. I adored each and every one of them...

Curious Wombat - so beautiful and handmade with a gorgeous golden envelope as well.

Zhie and her DH. One of the bright light of my 2011 was meeting both of them while attending a summer conference. A joyful and happy card.

Solstice at Stonehenge

Chaotic Binky - lovely, small, perfect, with a joyful picture and message.

Alexcat - reindeer nine on the card, matching envelope and even a matching address panel. Loved it.

Solstice at Chaco Canyon, New Mexico USA

Jay of Lasgalen - Such a beautiful portal to such a lovely sentiment. And a wreath of holly - my favorite.

My dear friend Iris who I beta for with a lovely 3-D holiday card expressing exhuberence in crafts and in the Holiday.

Silver Trails - A really lovely and very Peruvian-styled Nativity. I loved the colors and the sentiment. It was good exercise for my rusting Spanish skills as well.

Solstice at Newgrange

My friend Shruti from India, who enriched my life with a card of her own artwork. Lovely.

And so many other friend and family from the US whose pictures and the colors of their cards brightened our entryway.

I thank all of you who sent cards. AND, even more importantly - I thank each and every one of you who allowed me to send a card to you. I love having an outlet for my creative energies and you afforded me a focus in the last month of my year. I hope that this New Year brings light to your lives and happiness to your hearts.
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