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Holiday Time

So, I have to wish a Happy Hanukkah to those of my friends who walk that Path. When I was young, we would all go over to Tante Gerty's home and light the menorah. I gather, from other blogs, that it is not called a menorah any more, but old habits of more than 40 years die hard. I don't think I'll be changing this. I have two menorahs that I brought back after Mom died, along with her mezuzzah which I have by my door. I may not light the candles any more, but I am still a spiritual person, just walking a parallel pathway.

So today I will celebrate the Festival of Lights in my heart before turning to Solstice tomorrow. I have nine Holiday Cards that will be mailed this morning and that ends this year's group. I think I ended up making and sending about 50 or so. I don't keep numeric track, I just trust that I will make the appropriate amount, and so it worked out to be.

Today is my "day off", but we've been busy at the shop so I will have my day with the possibility that I will be called in to help out at the shop if we get swamped. But we really need the business and it's a joy to see the various things that people are working on. Yesterday I had the joy of working with a woman who was given a beautiful Victorian-style locket into which she will put a lock of her deceased father's hair. She wanted to put it onto somekind of neck chain or rope so that it would be secure. It wasn't a big sale, but after she chose the chain and I assembled everything for her, she felt a lot better about a very traumatic time in her life. Good karma - I can always use some of that. Have a day where you pass good karma on to others, it bounces back in unexpected and glorious ways.
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