engarian (engarian) wrote,

Are You On Track for the Holidays?

Well, today is the 19th. Solstice is creeping up quickly, Hannukah begins mid-week, and Christmas Day is seven days away. Are you ready for your holiday of choice?

I have almost all of my overseas holiday cards made and mailed with one last one going out this morning. I will be finishing my local and domestic cards within the next 48 hours and they will be mailed on Wednesday morning. Will they arrive on time? Most of them will, and those that don't doesn't negate the wishes that I have sent with them. In the meanwhile, if you receive a card from the US with a golden deer on the front and a blue "Seasons Greetings" on the back, it's from me. Enjoy the Swarovski sparkles on the front and the poetry inside.

I am still working on Sharon's gift and will probably end up Express Mailing it to her late this week. It's not urgent that it be there on THE DAY, but I do like to have everything complete on my end by Christmas Day. We'll have Sunday off, but (like really silly people) will be working on Monday the 26th. That was an error, we should have scheduled the day off, but we didn't. We will have the Sunday/Monday off for the New Year's celebration next week, though. Something to look forward to. Get to work and finish your holiday prep stuff...
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