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December 2nd Already??????

 How can a person run behind when the deadline still needs to be achieved? Confused? Well, I am behind for Holiday gifts, but they aren't even going to be given until Solstice or Christmas. So I am behind in the future. "Whew", my head is spinning... I was working on my holiday cards yesterday. One part of them worked very well, I'll be glueing the final part onto the cards this morning. But the other part of them didn't work at all, even though I tried several times and with several different types of material. The image that I chose was just too complex to work well. So now I have to look for a stamp instead, and that pushes the cards back a way. I can still address them and get them ready to mail, it's just one part that I'm missing.

Running Out of Time

And I dropped my DH's fabric and pant pattern off at the tailor yesterday morning. The original pants probably cost us about $20-$30. The replacement pants are going to cost me $95 EACH! Ouch! That kind of money takes me a long time to save up, but I really don't have much of a choice. If I don't get these made for him, I'll have practically nothing for his holiday gifts. And his birthday is the day after Christmas - a double whammy. I also purchased fabric to make him a messenger bag since he had mentioned wanting a "man bag" for his chain maile supplies and daily newspaper (and all of the other crap that he carries to work every day). I'll get the pattern drawn out tomorrow and start cutting out the fabric over the weekend in my early mornings at the shop. I don't have to worry about washing the fabric, it's a messenger bag - it won't be washed. But I will need to try and sew this together quickly and I'm not that fast. I'm down to three Wednesdays left, and it will take two of those to get the den clean again. That's also a holiday gift for my DH, so I need time.....I'm running behind on the future, can't you tell???
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