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End of the Year M-word Thing

I saw this on dawn_felagun earlier today, and she said she saw it on heartofoshu and the idea appealed to me.  Post the first line of each post made on the first day of each month during the previous year.  

January - So, today it is back to the salt mine for me.  After finally getting several days off for the holidays, the days off were gone and reality had raised its ugly head again.  

February - What happens when we die?  Obviously I was in an introspective view that morning.  It segued into why war and then into what makes life worth living.  Reading back through this post, I still agree with its precepts.  

March - Today is March 1st and it is my father's birthday.  My father died in the early 1990's but I remember him on his birthday every year (and, of course, on many other days as well).  I loved him, I hated him, I was embarrassed by him, I was proud of him.  In other words, it was a normal parent/child relationship and, I hope, that if he was reading my writings today, he would be proud of me as one author to another.  

April - So, we have Pope Gregory...  This post rambled on about why we celebrate New Year in the middle of the winter instead of the spring (or, for that matter, after the harvest has come in).  A rather fun look at theological history.  

May - So, as I was going to sleep last night, President Obama was going to come on and speak to the public about the death of Osama Bin Laden.  This turned into an interesting post on media handling of propaganda and a bit of spin.  

June - So, with lists in hand, I will be getting my packing completed for Bead & Button Show today.  I was finally getting excited about the trip, although I knew I would regret some parts.  One of the more exciting things about this trip was getting a chance to meet Zhie and her husband not just once, but twice.  Great people, such fun!  

July - It's hot and sticky.  This post was a good reminder, today as we are in winter, of why the summers in Minnesota can be so dreadful.  We don't have a working air conditioner at home, so these days when our temps and humidity are both over 90 degrees can be true hell.  

August - The Egyptian Exhibit at the Science Museum that DH and I went to yesterday was wonderful.  I still think back on some of the jewelry items I saw there, and the catalog is within my field of vision as I sit at my computer.  

September - So, I have been fighting a cold.  I get sick rarely, but this one was very bad.  I finally ended up going to the clinic just before it turned into pneumonia.  It wrecked my seeing my friend Seth who was in town for a day, and made our weekends at Renaissance Festival a bit shorter because I felt so bad.  I was so relieved when I finally recovered.  

October - So, when I arrived at the shop yesterday I was determined to rework my "Out of the Box" story completely.  This story turned out to be one of my more successful stories of the year.  It bothered some people, writing about a serial killer in middle earth was a stretch, and having Legolas and Gimli as a detective team a'la Holmes and Watson was also a stretch, but the thing worked, and it was a lot of fun to write.  

November - So yesterday was Samhain (and thank you to the many friends who sent me greetings for the holiday).  I went from this to Dia de las Muertos with pictures and a celebration of life.  

December - Yesterday was a bit crazy.  This was a post about how we had to settle on a single car for the day because of an auto repair that needed doing.  I had my usual list of errands that take over my Wednesday studio days off.  

So, for whatever it's worth, it was fun going through a year's worth of posts and, if you're at all interested, follow the links to read the full posts.  

- Erulisse (one L)
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