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Jump Start Yourself

Do you ever get to the point where you are so tired that nothing seems to penetrate? I have the last holiday cards to decorate. I have a Yule Fic to review because I'm not happy with where my muse took me at the end of it, and I have another story to complete and submit by the end of the month. I have another Santa fic or graphic to make. I have stories to beta, drabbles to write, packages to wrap, and I was even thinking about putting up our tree. But I'm so tired and worn out from holiday ick that I have no energy left.

This is an easy season to let depression take over. Those of us who fight with that demon are familiar with the holiday season and approach it with a bit of trepidation. We know that the sugarplums, carols, tinsel and bows only hide and decorate an emptiness that exists in us and hides well. It's not that I'm a grinch or that other people who are depressed at this season are, it's that we are fighting the sugar plums of artificial happiness wrapped in a big bow. It's a balancing act and right now, because I am tired and a little bit spread thin, I'm feeling gritty and a bit rocky. I know I'll get my balance back, but there is a reason why the holiday season is the season of the highest number of suicides. This "season of love" can also be a "season of emptiness".

So, I want each of you reading this today to reach out to someone and tell them that they make a difference in your life. Don't just give them a physical gift, those are too easy to lose, break, or regift. Tell them, to their face if possible, that you are the person that you are today because of something that they did. Let them know that their footprint on this earth matters. Hopefully they will pay it forward and some of the pain of the Holiday Season will be minimized by just one small action on your part. Have a good weekend!
Tags: depression, healing, holidays

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