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Attempting to Refocus

I am winding down the projects for 2011 and starting to think about what I want to do in 2012. I know I want to do more enamel work, I know I want to play with my glass saw and fused glass pieces, and I'm really enjoying my writing and the photoshop pieces that I have worked with over the past nine months. But I don't have a specific deadline staring me in the face.

Oh, I've already registered for some writing challenges. And I have a wooden base for an enamel piece that is barely hatched in my mind, but no specific deadlines. I have a year ahead of "no" though.

Rainbows of bead colors are just one of the fun things that B&B Show has tempted me with over the years. I will miss seeing friends I've met there, but the economy finally caught up with me.

I will NOT be attending Bead & Button Show for the first time since the 1990's. This will be a shocker and will take me some time to get used to the idea. But I'm doing less beading, and really developing my own personal style. I also just can't afford it any more. It's not the classes as much as the hotel room which is more than twice what it used to be. So I won't be in Milwaukee in June.

One of the fun things that the PMC Conference does are displays of work by various chapters and their members. This hallway at Purdue was filled with windows of exceptional metalwork - such inspiration!

I also won't be at any metal clay convention this coming year. It is the final year for the PMC Conference, and it will be held in a slightly more accessible location than Purdue University, but even though I will continue working in the metal clay media, I don't have the time/money to spend on going to the conference. So, it's looking like I won't get any vacation time in 2012, and that is really bumming me out. But if I can refocus on my art and spend the money that I would have spent on conferences on materials and equipment, I think I'll actually end up much happier in the long run.
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What you could do is have a "stay-cation", in which you take the time off that you normally would spend at the conferences, but stay at home and work on projects rather than spend the money for travel, lodging and convention attendance.

Just a thought...

Sorry to hear you can't make your fun events this next year tho. {{{{hugs}}}}
I could, if I can actually get the time. It all depends on how well the store does and whether we can keep our associate or not. If we can keep her then I can take days, maybe even several in a row, off. Otherwise, we'll be changing our days of operation and I'll be working 5/off 2 for the year. Ick!

- Erulisse (one L)
That must be very disappointing for you. Money, lack of, is the master of us all in these times.
I just paid off my bills from this year's conferences. It's unreal how fast the costs can mount up, even though I had saved for them.

- Erulisse (one L)
Not having the money to do things like conferences is frustrating, indeed. Seems to be plaguing quite the lot of us, lately. Blee. Hooray for ending up happier in the long run, though.
Although my DH says that I should go to my Bead & Button show conference and that he would help me financially, he has said similar things in the past and the money just hasn't been there. I'm very unsure about whether to trust him on this or not, and registration is January 10th so I'll have to make up my mind soon. With help, I might be able to pull it off with a less expensive hotel and taking the train instead of driving. I'll have to think about it after the holiday season is over.

Thanks for your comments, it's so nice to know I'm not alone in my divided holiday feelings.

- Erulisse (one L)