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Not the Best Start

 So, my Email program is messing up this morning and so far I can only access a small part of my Emails. Since I usually spend three hours on my Emails every morning, this is putting a serious hole in my morning. Fortunately I can update my blog/LJ in other ways, so I can still stay in communication and write my daily thoughts.

Writing in my journal
 I love to share my thoughts. They are not
earthshaking, though.

I have often said that I write my E-journal for myself, and that is true. I have followers from around the world, which I find flattering, but I'm not saying anything earthshaking, and often my stream of consciousness thoughts are not even gramatically correct. I write it because it helps me to put my thoughts in order for the day. I also write it to take my personal shout out to the world to let it know that I am still alive and participating in the endless cycle of life; my own few steps in the dance of life. I share my E-journal on two sites - Blogspot and Live Journal. I have different followers on each service, and I get different comments. I am amazed that people read my little journal, and even more amazed that I get commentary from people. And so, today, on this day that has started out so frustrating, I am taking this time to tell all of you how very much I appreciate your reading and commenting on my E-journal. You honor me and I am humbled by your time.

Holiday Deadlines
Time is ticking for Holiday Gifts.

My list of things to do on my studio day today is huge (as usual), but I did get my first batch of holiday gifts packed up and ready to ship yesterday. I want to do a little bit more for each package - a poem or small story about the gift that will be included with it. But they are almost ready to mail and should be able to hit the mail by Monday or Tuesday at the latest. I started work on the Staff of Ra last night with my small Wacom tablet. I honestly don't know how I could do my more elaborate etching work without my tablet - probably one of the best $100 I ever spent, many years ago. I almost have the front of the headpiece finished and can start on the back later tonight. Progress....
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Three hours on your emails? Three hours? Wow.

I get most of my 'letter' emails via the IBS-Life site. Fandom ones are few and far between, I suppose because I keep in touch with people through Lj.

I'm not saying anything earthshaking,

Lol. I never say anything earth-shaking. Sometimes I post something and then delete it, as it seems so boring, although I like reading other peoples blogs or their thoughts.
Yup - three hours. But that includes business Emails and reading whatever new items have been posted in various fanfic sites. I subscribe to a lot of different groups including costumery, beading, enameling and metalworking, so I have a wide set of E-friends, some of whom I have had the pleasure of meeting IRL. What is important to me is that I really enjoy the friends that I have made (and that most certainly includes you).

- Erulisse (one L)
What is important to me is that I really enjoy the friends that I have made

So do I; it is the great thing about the internet :)

and that most certainly includes you

Aww, that's so kind! :)
I don't think anyone says earth-shaking things. I hope your day became less frustrating as it went on!
Thanks Clodia. In some respects the day got better, in others I was just wasting time I really didn't have to waste. About par for the course, actually. But I just keep on keeping on - it's all that we can do. At least one thing I wanted to do worked out :-)

- Erulisse (one L)