engarian (engarian) wrote,

Studio Day - Breakfast with Meghan

Meghan is back in town. After being gone for almost two years, she has finally moved back to Minnesota and I can see her again. Count me happy! I'm picking her up and we're meeting Chickie for breakfast. Then I need to drop by the art supply warehouse for more gel pens, and she'll come along with me there.

I'll finally drop her back off at home and then I'll dive into my second batch of holiday cards.

This is Meghan and her lovely son Sebas in 2009. He's so big by now!

My Silhouette machine will be operating at high levels for the rest of the afternoon, getting batch two ready to go. I addressed the first batch yesterday and just need to put in the inserts, add postage, and they're ready to go. I should buy some stamps, but a lot of these are cards for overseas so I will need to get individual postage amounts for those. I'll drop by the post office on Thursday and let Susan help me with my overseas pieces. I'm very happy with how they turned out, even with all of the issues getting them completed. It was worth it. My in-town cards can still be mailed at the last minute. I don't really stress out on dates, but want to progress to the next project when this one is finally complete and I'm seeing light at the end of the tunnel :-) Now to tweak my Yule Fic and finish my ALEC for the month...oh, and those weekly drabbles....LOL.
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