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Tuesday - Writing Addresses & Pretty Solstice Pictures

As I said yesterday, the first batch of my Holiday Cards will go out on Wednesday. That means I have to address the envelopes today so I'll be working on that on and off throughout the day. I usually type the addresses, but I think I'll actually hand-write them this time. If you get an envelope with a golden deer on the front, that's from me :-)

This is SUCH a great Solstice pic - over the snow and ice.

And I must admit that I adore Stonehenge at Solstice. What's not to like?

Things finally came together this year, although I would have loved things clicking into place just a bit earlier (sigh). The cut-out cards that I really wanted to send never worked so I shifted designs, changed from blade to pens, and used my "fancy" equipment to draw designs and to write poetry and sentiments in the card. Then I applied Swarovski crystals, added decorative braid, and embossed things in the interior. I will be including something special in some of the cards, just open carefully :-) Happy Holidays and Good Solstice to all!
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