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American Football and Cards

There are times when I'm so happy that I am not a Minnesota Vikings fan. For those of my friends overseas, this is an American Football team from my state and, usually, they are not too bad. But this season is ridiculously bad - we currently are the 2nd worst team in the entire National Football League. And yesterday the Vikings lost again.

But the beauty of all of this is that I am not a Minnesota Vikings fan. I am a fan of the football team that I grew up with - the Denver Broncos. And the Broncos are first in their division. So, with the terrible record of my DH's team and the steadily improving record of my team, I have one thing I can flaunt over him. Call me happy - LOL.

My first batch of holiday cards will probably hit the mail on Wednesday. I have a bit more envelope decoration that I want to do, and I need to organize the addresses, but I'm relatively happy with them. They turned out quite different than I had originally envisioned, but they are 100% my own - I had started with blank pieces of paper. Time was not my friend this year, so the inclusions are minimal - but very kewl. I'll be happy to do the second batch on Wednesday for the second group sendoff next week. Then I'll be finished. What a job - but so worth it. I've already started receiving cards from some of my overseas f-list friends and I just LOVE it. Getting cards is fun, but sending them is even MORE fun. Call me happy...
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