engarian (engarian) wrote,

Quiz Time

You Are Calm

You are quiet, contemplative, and thoughtful. You step back and observe the world.

You are a very literate person. It's like that you read off and on throughout the day.

You sometimes find it hard to be expressive when you're put in the spot. You tend to be caught up in your own head.

While you have well thought out ideas, you may seem a bit ambiguous if you aren't given time to sort them out.

You Are Unique

You are open minded and a visionary. You understand the world and just may change it.

You are knowledgeable and well-read. If no one can teach you, you'll teach yourself.

You are innovative and progressive. You come up with a lot of original ideas.

You believe that the path not imagined is usually the best path for you. You are a natural contrarian.

Your English is Totally Americanized

No doubt about it, you're a total red blooded American. Or at least you talk like one.

You probably learned your English in the good ole USA, and no one would dare mistake you for a Brit.

As far as you're concerned, "lift" is a verb. And you're not even sure what "bullocks" means.

And someone couldn't pay you enough to eat a courgette. That just sounds like a fancy french shoe to you!

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