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I did get quite a lot done yesterday on my "extra" day off. I finally finished a repair that I accepted in October. I had given an original due date of Thanksgiving, and obviously ran late from that, but after three more hours of work on it and some late night finishing work, it is finally complete and ready to be returned.

Late again...*sigh*

I determined exactly how I want to decorate my holiday cards, and will begin working on that at the shop this morning, so my fic work may be delayed for a bit. But I'm progressing on two stories, one for a contest and one for a Yule Fic gift.

I feel as if I'm walking alone into my future sometimes...

DH has been a total pain. He's "allowing me to live a totally independent life, just the way that I want" and isn't talking to me. I'm not that bothered by it, but occasional conversation would be nice. If this extends a lot longer, however, I'll have to re-assess my options after the holiday season is over. What a mess.

I love this scratch-art piece, a wonderful sunrise for all of you.

Have a joyful day. It is the end of the week, and I hope that you have a day of beauty and happiness to bring into the weekend.
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Oh gosh, scratch art. I used to love doing this. What gorgeous, happy colours!

Men! Their brains are just plain wired differently. *hugs*
Men are from Mars...and there are times that I despair over their having brains at all :-(

- Erulisse (one L)
lovin' the scratch art :-)
Good luck with your stories. *fingers crossed*

And with your husband, too. I hope things will soon get better. *hugs*
I think the stories will work themselves out. I have a lot of things to juggle right now, but things will start to thin out a bit after next week.

- Erulisse (one L)
Thanks, hun. I have to work, of course, but we'll see how things go.

- Eurlisse (one L)
I hope things get better with your husband soon.

Have a lovely weekend.

That man just infuriates me sometimes. Either I'm too patient to leave or I'm too stubborn to leave. Actually, it's probably a combination of the above - LOL.

- Erulisse (one L)
I hope that things will get better all around, and soon.

Adding my hopes that everything will work out for the best! Even if it's a pain along the way. *hugs*
I can usually outwait him, but my patience (and my temper) is getting shorter by the minute.

- Erulisse (one L)