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Shuffling my Schedule

I'm cashing in a certificate today. Each year for the past few years, I have been gifted with a certificate allowing me to take one extra day off. I'm using my 2011 certificate today and taking that extra day to do a bunch of errands and try to finish the first round of my holiday cards. I worked on them yesterday for the afternoon and got a lot done, I'm very happy with how they turned out so far. But I want to add glitter and crystals to them. So, still work to do.

I picked up my replacement Nano yesterday. It's nice and new looking and I'm thinking about giving it to DH for a holiday gift since I have my new one that I really love. He can hear better when he uses headphones, so I might give that a try. What the heck, another gift under the tree isn't a bad thing. And I got to spend 20 minutes while waiting for the Apple store to open, talking to a couple of guys about my NookColor and E-readers in general. That was fun.

Today would have been the 68th birthday of Jim Morrison, lead singer of The Doors. Those of you who feel a bit of heart-pull reading this - well, it makes me feel old and probably you also. When I was in my early to mid-teenage years, I thought he was the most amazing guy. I must admit that I still love his music and some of his poetry, so I guess I'm still a Jim Morrison fan, probably always will be. I'm sure his grave in Paris will have flowers, etc all over it again, it is one of the more popular graves in the cemetary. It's also the birthday of Horace - the Roman author who is famous for his various Odes and whose words, in translation, gave us "carpe dium" or "seize the day". So...go forth and do so!
No, Jim Morrison could never be 68. The very thought of it! *goes off to find Best of The Doors CD*
*cough* Horace, not Homer. :) I hope you had fun with the glitter! It sounds like a pretty heavenly free day off to me.
Ummm, yes, that would be Horace (hiding head in shame). I ended up spending most of the day finishing a repair from hell, but I really need the $60 I'll earn from it, so I focused and got it done :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
It is lucky that I took Kei's advice on staying 28 forever, otherwise I would feel so old knowing that Jim Morrison would have been 68 today.
I started aging backwards when I turned 50, so I'm now in my early 40's :-)

- Erulisse (one L)