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Studio Day - Working Hard for Christmas

So today is my day off - my studio day. It's the 7th of December, and I've received the first of my Holiday Cards from people on my f-list (Thanks, Silver Trails!!!). That means that I will be working like crazy on things today. I need to finish this repair because I want to have it available for her to pick up on Friday, and I need to do the interior of my cards and determine what, exactly, I want to do for the exterior. I can do some work on them tomorrow also, because I'm taking a second day off then. But, tomorrow is tomorrow and I'll discuss it then.

For today, although we don't expect snow for the next few days, we are getting a nice cold snap so I'll be bundled up and I might even break down and wear socks :-)

DH is still not talking to me, but we were both chuckling while watching "A Christmas Story" last night. It's hard to resist the tale of Ralphie and his desire for a Red Ryder Carabiner BB Gun. I was flipping between that and George C Scott's appearance as Scrooge in Dicken's classic tale, "Christmas Carol". Two of my favorites, and both on the same night. I know that "A Christmas Story" will be shown for 24 hours (or at least it usually is) on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day, so I'll catch it again then.

And RIP Darrell K Sweet, an illustrator that I have loved for many years. I didn't care for a lot of his Tolkien work, but LOVED his basic fantasy art. I have collected books and artist trading cards of work for many years, and he is one of those artists that I have quite a bit from. I wish I had one pinkie's worth of his talent, but at least our world was able to share his vision.
Darrell K Sweet
I hadn't heard that he'd died - a shame. I recognise quite a bit of his art work. As for the one in your picture - I like his version of Gimli - but whenever I see it I think that helmet on Legolas is very impractical - it looks as if it has a few of the famous spiders' legs attached to it...
Re: Darrell K Sweet
I just heard it this morning, apparently he died on Monday. I have to agree with you, I am not fond of a lot of his Tolkien illustrations. But I loved a lot of others. And, I really loved his techniques. If I could achieve such clarity and lighting in my own artwork, I would be deliriously happy. I also have heard that he was a genuinely nice person. So it's a loss.

- Erulisse (one L)