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Studio Day - Working Hard for Christmas

So today is my day off - my studio day. It's the 7th of December, and I've received the first of my Holiday Cards from people on my f-list (Thanks, Silver Trails!!!). That means that I will be working like crazy on things today. I need to finish this repair because I want to have it available for her to pick up on Friday, and I need to do the interior of my cards and determine what, exactly, I want to do for the exterior. I can do some work on them tomorrow also, because I'm taking a second day off then. But, tomorrow is tomorrow and I'll discuss it then.

For today, although we don't expect snow for the next few days, we are getting a nice cold snap so I'll be bundled up and I might even break down and wear socks :-)

DH is still not talking to me, but we were both chuckling while watching "A Christmas Story" last night. It's hard to resist the tale of Ralphie and his desire for a Red Ryder Carabiner BB Gun. I was flipping between that and George C Scott's appearance as Scrooge in Dicken's classic tale, "Christmas Carol". Two of my favorites, and both on the same night. I know that "A Christmas Story" will be shown for 24 hours (or at least it usually is) on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day, so I'll catch it again then.

And RIP Darrell K Sweet, an illustrator that I have loved for many years. I didn't care for a lot of his Tolkien work, but LOVED his basic fantasy art. I have collected books and artist trading cards of work for many years, and he is one of those artists that I have quite a bit from. I wish I had one pinkie's worth of his talent, but at least our world was able to share his vision.
Darrell K Sweet
I hadn't heard that he'd died - a shame. I recognise quite a bit of his art work. As for the one in your picture - I like his version of Gimli - but whenever I see it I think that helmet on Legolas is very impractical - it looks as if it has a few of the famous spiders' legs attached to it...
Re: Darrell K Sweet
I just heard it this morning, apparently he died on Monday. I have to agree with you, I am not fond of a lot of his Tolkien illustrations. But I loved a lot of others. And, I really loved his techniques. If I could achieve such clarity and lighting in my own artwork, I would be deliriously happy. I also have heard that he was a genuinely nice person. So it's a loss.

- Erulisse (one L)
That's Ralphie, the main character of "A Christmas Story". The movie takes place in the early 1950's in small town Midwestern USA. It's an adorable movie and one of my favorites, bur it is very classic US for that period of time. He's quite fun looking, isn't he? The particular scene is when he was leaving Santa on a slide and crawled back up the slide to tell Santa, very quickly, what he really wanted for Christmas.

- Erulisse (one L)