engarian (engarian) wrote,

Monday, Thank Goodness It's Over

I usually don't care about what day it is, but Monday was a ton of work and I
was just exhausted by the end of it, leaving my temper tied by a hairstring. So
when my DH came down at 9pm and my most recent story was refusing to post
properly, I was LESS than happy, leading to unhappy people and a DH who dropped
the D from his designation for the remainder of the day. He usually will sulk
for a few days, so I can make an expectation that he will be pissy about my poor
mood for most of the remainder of the week *sigh*.

In spite of being busy
at the shop (which is a good thing that I will never complain about) I still had
time to work on my Yule Fic, my December ALEC and a new quick story that I
posted last night for the Yet Hope Remains comentfic board. I'm sure I have
errors in the story, but I wanted it in and out quickly so this one was less
than 24 hours in the works.

I'm finishing up
listening to Swordspoint on audio books, and I'm reading the second book in Patrick Rothfuss' "Name
of the Wind" series. Although it doesn't catch me with quite the same intensity
as Storm Constantine's Wraeththu series does, I am still quite pleased by it.
I'm having fun reading Kvothe's story and would recommend it to others looking
for a good read. Have a great Tuesday!
Tags: attitude, audible, reading, writing

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