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What Constitutes Creativity?

My DH and I love watching creative competitive TV shows - Project Runway, Project Accessory, Work of Art, etc. The entire idea of having to produce something meeting specific parameters within a limited time frame and, sometimes, utilizing specific materials really appeals to me because I am a deadline-driven person and operate best with due dates hanging in front of me. But I have also, lately, become aware of the different ways that personal creativity can be expressed.

I have an LJ 'friend' who is a member of another LJ group (etc., etc., etc.) who is doing a fundraiser for another 'friend' goodness. How very convoluted. The focus here is the people who have banded together to offer products for auction to benefit Person A. These are all creative people - authors for the most part, but also other craftspeople. And reading through the posts offering their various donations, I am thrilled with the variety of creativity that I'm seeing there. Authors are donating their books, crits, or face-to-face meetings. Artists are offering prints, paintings, books in which their artwork appears, etc. Craftspeople are offering weavings, glasswork and knitted items. The variety of items that are now being offered for the benefit of this one specific individual is wonderful, and is increasing hourly. Humanity is so VERY creative.

Buttons are SO not my media, but why is art like this considered craft instead of art?
It could be used as a wall installation in aggregate...just a thought...

Yesterday my DH and I spoke about which TV creativity challenge show we would want to appear on if we had a choice. I suspect I would either do Project Accessory or Work of Art, and I'm tempted to focus more on Work of Art. My DH immediately asked me what I had ever done that would be considered art instead of craft. I had no real answer for him because I am a crafter who thinks that my choice of media shouldn't eliminate me from the "art" world. I have confidence in my work, but it obviously isn't shared by my DH. *sigh* Sometimes I feel as if I'm rowing against the current all of the time - it's exhausting. Then creativity takes me by the horns again, shows me my next project, and I'm swimming above the flow caught in the stream of air and floating above the waters once again. I just wish there were more of the floating times, and less of the rowing ones :-)

* swimming above the flow caught in the stream of air and floating above the waters once again* That place where what you're doing just happens, no long, painful contemplation, no question about 'what next, how do I move on?', where there's a rightness that picks you up and carries you and it feels like flying, only better, and you know what you're doing really works?

So not feeling that this afternoon, but when it comes it's the greatest high in the world.

Isn't it though? Those rare times when you just KNOW that what you're doing is perfect, when your hands can do no wrong, when the words you choose or the media you take up is the absolute only one to do it justice. How I wish, indeed, how all of us wish that we could experience it more often. I send hope to you that it takes you later in your afternoon.

- Erulisse (one L)
I watch all those shows, too. They give me a peek into worlds I know very little about.
I would really love to apply to be on either Work of Art or Project Accessory. My DH would easily qualify also, and we could be great entertainment value since we argue about absolutely everything - LOL. Dreams....

- Erulisse (one L)
You know it's an interesting question, when does art stop being craft? Does it ever stop being craft?

All art requires craft - so when does something become non-art? When it is actually useful for something other than looking at? I would say some of the most beautiful things might also be useful, so that wouldn't work... hmm...

It is an interesting question and one that has been argued for centuries. I prefer to think of the things that I make and the media that I use to be art, but usually I would be placed in the craft end by fine artists who are working on canvas. Oh well...

- Erulisse (one L)
I am a crafter who thinks that my choice of media shouldn't eliminate me from the "art" world

I share that viewpoint. I really dislike the often-seemingly-arbitrary line that divides the lowly 'crafts' from the supposedly-so-much-better 'arts'. I like to think of the things I do as both art and craft, but I come across very few people around here who agree.
I am firmly of the opinion that I could participate in any of the "art" shows and make my items in metals, etching, enamels, etc and have wonderful results. Then again, I suppose a certain amount of self-confidence is necessary - LOL.

What kind of art/crafting do you do?

- Erulisse (one L)
For sure. Although I hear you on the self-confidence. Heh. Sometimes that's a hard thing to dredge up (or at least it is for me).

I'm mostly a fibrecrafter - I knit, spin (on a castle-style wheel), and rigid-heddle weave. I sew and do some card-making, too, but not nearly as often as the fibre-y things.
What fun. I have a castle wheel. It sits in my living room next to the marble fireplace - looks lovely there. I haven't used it very often, but it's a gorgeous wheel. I use my other wheels more often. I love fibercraft, but have moved to metalwork and glasswork instead of spinning and weaving. What fun to meet another fibre artist.

- Erulisse (one L)
Ooh, metalwork and glasswork. Fabulous. I haven't tried either, but metalwork kind of fascinates me - I have friends who make a lot of really neat-looking shawl pins and things out of copper and pewter.

Castle wheels are beautiful. ♥