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I Braved the Mall and World AIDS Day

Yesterday was a bit crazy. We only had a single car because DH had to keep his car at the service station for an oil change and tire rotation. So I had my breakfast and did a few errands, then came back home, picked him up and dropped him at work, then I was free until I had to fetch him after work that night to get his car retrieved.

Even though I love my new Nano mini, I really miss my older green machine and am happy that I will have it again :-)

One of my errands was seeing how much it would cost to get my old iPod Nano repaired/replaced. The screen died on it over the Thanksgiving Holiday and even though I purchased a new, smaller Nano on sale for Black Friday, I still wanted to have a back-up. So I braved the mall. I parked quite near the correct entrance (had no desire to wander the mall at all) and headed to the Apple store. My goodness. They easily had more than 20 employees on duty, and there were at least that many people "shopping" in the store. They were at the Genius Bar getting help with broken machines, they were shopping the walls of stuff for their iPhones, they were looking a the iMacs and iPads. It was a zoo. But, after I got my information and ordered a replacement at a very good price, I left the shop and realized that at least three kiosks outside of the store were also Apple. Hard to believe the castle that Jobs built.

Today is World AIDS Day. The Sydney, Australia Opera House was bathed in red lights and the Empire State Building in New York City will also be lighted in red this evening. I remember when AIDS was first diagnosed and the fear that accompanied it. The hell that some of my gay friends had to go through because of the generalized finger-pointing was truly sad. But medicines have gotten better, general knowledge has increased, and many times the disease, as bad as it is, can be controlled if watched carefully. I'm grateful for that fact because it means that some friends of mine who have had AIDS for many years are still with us today. Sometimes modern medicine can be wonderful.
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