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I finally have decided what I am making for smaller holiday gifts. They aren't as elaborate as last year's beaded holiday stars, but still are taking longer to make than I had originally intended. I wanted something that would take about an hour, maybe two hours to make, but these are closer to 3-4 hours. But, that's still better than the 8+ hours that last year's stars took. Now I just need to fit some beading time into my writing and editing time.

I have a friend (fellow author) going in for surgery tomorrow, and another friend who has a dear family member going in for some tests today, so any thoughts that could be spared for these two people would be appreciated.

And I think I'll continue working with my pens and my computerized image machine for the interior sentiment on my cards on Wednesday. I'll work on that and get that going, because I want to spend the next times working on the decorating. I have all sorts of new equipment I purchased this summer that I want to be able to use on my cards. We'll see what actually will happen...it's a crap shoot. I'll toss ideas in the air and see what comes down as viable. At least I'm playing with creativity...just not with my glasswork :-) Have a wonderfully creative week ahead of you!
Tags: beading, creativity, inspiration, positive thinking, scheduling, solstice

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