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I finally have decided what I am making for smaller holiday gifts. They aren't as elaborate as last year's beaded holiday stars, but still are taking longer to make than I had originally intended. I wanted something that would take about an hour, maybe two hours to make, but these are closer to 3-4 hours. But, that's still better than the 8+ hours that last year's stars took. Now I just need to fit some beading time into my writing and editing time.

I have a friend (fellow author) going in for surgery tomorrow, and another friend who has a dear family member going in for some tests today, so any thoughts that could be spared for these two people would be appreciated.

And I think I'll continue working with my pens and my computerized image machine for the interior sentiment on my cards on Wednesday. I'll work on that and get that going, because I want to spend the next times working on the decorating. I have all sorts of new equipment I purchased this summer that I want to be able to use on my cards. We'll see what actually will's a crap shoot. I'll toss ideas in the air and see what comes down as viable. At least I'm playing with creativity...just not with my glasswork :-) Have a wonderfully creative week ahead of you!
Thank you, Ellynn. I think that positive thoughts can never be too many. I appreciate your kindness.

- Erulisse (one L)
I really hope that things go well for them also. They are high in my thoughts and prayers right now.

Thanks for the positive strokes about my creativity. It's very kind of you. I only know that when I'm not creating something - writing, beading, glasswork, or whatever - I get into a total funk. Not fun. I would SO be Lord Aule's apprentice in Valinor.

- Erulisse (one L)