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Happy Thanksgiving to All


On this day of thanks, I give thanks for:  

1)  My family.  As annoying as they may be at times, they are a true blessing.  

2)  My friends - on the good days and the bad, they are there to help me with my perspective.  They don't allow me to become too maudlin or too caught up in myself.  

3)  Those who work for peace.  Peace is an ideal that seems to be impossible to attain in this world, but through those who are willing to put their lives on the line for peace, we still have a world in which to live.  

4)  The internet - what a gift it has been.  The ability to speak with people world-wide so easily and on a daily basis.  The internet has done more to achieve understanding between people than almost any other communication method around today.  

5)  What can you think of to be thankful for on this special day?  Just think of them, make them your own.    

And whatever your thoughts...have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.  

- Erulisse (one L)
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