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Searching for Green Beans and Holiday Cheer

I have no idea how many people will be showing up at my sister-in-law's for Turkey Day dinner. The maximum number could be: (1) my sister-in-law (2&3) my DH and myself (4) my father-in-law

(5 6 7&8) my oldest niece Catie, her DH Jet and their two kids (9 10&11) my middle niece Mary, her hubby Nick and their daughter Izzy (12 13&14) my youngest niece Annie, her hubby Joe and daughter Delaney (15 16&17) my youngest nephew Joe, his wife Holly and their son Ian (19&20) one of my middle nephews David and his live-in GF (21 22&23) my oldest nephew Michael, his wife Mary and their youngest daughter Emma. So, missing two nephews that we never see, Michael's two oldest children who are usually with their own father for holidays, and my own sanity which flew out the window the minute I said "sure, we'd love to come", I may be facing 22 other people over a small living room floor on Thursday.

I'm bringing veggies. So...how much to make? Well, that's the question. In the past, we've started out with a smaller number with more dropping by throughout the afternoon between going to my sister-in-law's home and their other in-law's homes. It's a bit of a rotating door, but only a few of us actually consider this meal the only one for the day. Whatever happens, it's a crazy scene. I'll bring a large electric skillet-full divided in half with half being corn and the other half being green beans with almonds. Now...how many beans to buy????

I started work on a small project that I would love to include in some of my Solstice cards. Of course, that's assuming I actually will have time to (1) complete the cards (2) address them and (3) make the project. I think everything will come together, but some of the cards may be late. Life is rough...but good wishes are always welcome, no matter when they arrive, so I'm not going to sweat it. We'll make it work. I hope all of your holiday plans are settling out nicely and that you are starting to look forward to mulled cider, the scent of cinnamon and fresh pine, and the sound of clinking glasses and warm conversation. Yes...I can be a bloomin' optimist even though I know the reality rarely meets the mind movie.
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