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Clock is Ticking...

So this week is Thanksgiving Week in the US. Thursday is Thanksgiving Day, a day when many of us will gather together with family members to overeat on turkey, sundry vegetables, fresh baked rolls (if we are lucky) and pie for dessert. We will then roll our numb bodies back to our assorted domiciles and collapse in heaps of overly-stuffed participants.

My DH and I will join this endless procession by going to my sister-in-law's home for our dinner and then trundling back home as soon as we feel we can get away with it. I'm bringing a vegetable dish. I should probably stop by the store tonight and buy the veggies.

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the high-effort holiday shopping season. It is followed by Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and the first of my working Sundays. I will be sending an Email letter to my customers on Wednesday and hope that we will have good sales over the holiday weekend and the remainder of the year. I don't feel ready for this at all.

I'm just behind this year - I'm fighting depression (so far I'm winning) and all that I really want to do is crawl into a dark hole until Spring. I love writing, but even writing is not inspiring me. I have two story items due by mid-week and I haven't even started them - VERY unlike me. I'm sure I'll break out of this funk soon, but right now...well, my normal optimism seems to have taken a small vacation. Ick!
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I hope you have a great Thanksgiving and an even better shopping season. Depression is a nasty thing. Good luck with it. :(
Thanks, Clodia. I'll swing back out of my depression relatively soon, I keep myself busy so that I don't dwell on it :-) And my f-list friends help too - they keep producing wonderful things to read :-) Don't work too hard, GF!

- Erulisse (one L)
Thanks, we have our cold weather now so I've switched to wearing my winter outerwear *sigh*. The bad thing about living up here. But the good thing is that clothing of this nature makes people think more about the holiday season. That's a positive.

- Erulisse (one L)
I hope you can get through the necessary preparations - and live without any unnecessary ones.

I guess the bread must be a traditional part of the meal, is it? It always seems odd to me to eat it at the same meal as the roast turkey and vegetables, but I can see why it would be one of the things you'd give thanks for - just better eaten as turkey and stuffing sandwiches later!
Major meals here in the US seem to always have some bread product associated with it. The only part of this meal I'm responsible for is the veggies, and I can handle that. My DH and I will have a nice, private turkey dinner for just ourselves for Christmas and it will be much more relaxed (I cook a great turkey - LOL).

We won't get the leftovers from our Thanksgiving meal because it isn't at our home. Then again, I don't have to clean my home for company. Count me happy about that :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
I am also feeling the effects of winter - it is St John's Wort time again.

Enjoy your feast!
What does St John's Wort do for you? I have heard of the herb, but am not familiar with what it does...

- Erulisse (one L)
St John's Wort overcomes mild depression - the sort you get when summer turns into winter and there is less light. I take it for three months and stop as soon as the days start getting longer after the equinox. When my son's girlfriend left, whom he adored, I bought a three month supply for him and he said it really helped.
There, there, things will get better! *hugs* I am sure your optimism will soon return. :)
Things will get better, I am a generally optimistic person, I just get my down times as everyone, I suspect, does. This week is the beginning of a miserable period of work for me and next year is looking positively bleak for time off and quiet time. I'll pull through, but I suspect I won't be happy while it is going on.


- Erulisse (one L)