engarian (engarian) wrote,

Winter Is Coming...

We are expected to get our first snow today, and I am SO not ready. I don't want to replace the snow shovel and sweepers into my car again. I don't want to face pulling snow off the roof for another winter. Can I move to a nice warm climate for the winter? No...I'll diminish and return to my life and remain Sandra.....(with apologies to Tolkien for the paraphrasing).

I am running so late today, and I'm trying to be positive about the winter to come, so I thought I would find some lovely snowfall pictures to share with all of you today and just leave my post short and sweet. Because to me, snowy days are incredibly inspirational. I want to go into the studio and make art. I want to play with the kiln. I want to form metal. I want to melt glass. So, if this truly is the start to winter for me, I guess I'm OK with it.
Tags: creativity, inspiration, snow, winter
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