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Finally Friday

It's been a very busy week at the shop and after hours. That's great, but I'm a bit behind on my beta. I'll finish the latest chapter for Iris tonight and get it sent off to her. But I should have had it done a couple of days ago :-(

I did get a story posted for Game of Thrones, have another couple in the works, am continuing to work on drabbles, and when I can find the time and inspiration, work on my H-verse. I am tempted to go back - seriously back - and do some major editing on this.

Thursday nights we reserve for Project Accessory. Yesterday's show was all about handbags. They said that the average woman has six handbags. Six! I adore handbags. I can count six just sitting on ledges around me right now. If I open my closet to see my handbag shelf, I'll have more than 30 more. I adore handbags. I guess I'm not the norm :-) I wanted to put a pic of the winning bag - it was truly beautiful, but their website really sucks and I couldn't grab an image.

However, I did grab an image of the winning shoes from the shoe challenge two weeks ago. Now, many women who may not be that crazy about handbags are bonkers over shoes. Shoes don't do a thing for me - they are something I wear to keep my feet away from broken glass and icky stuff, and because of my orthotics, they also keep me free from pain. But I'm no fashionista when it comes to shoes. These shoes, however, were really wonderfully made and very colorful. Sassy! Enjoy a creative Friday and carry that creativity through into your weekend.
Tags: inspiration, leather, reality tv

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