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Early Solstice Gift and Art

I should actually head this as early Christmas gift, since it is from my DH and he celebrates Christmas. But he will buy me the glass saw that I've been wanting, the one piece of equipment that I found, while working on my projects this year, that I really needed. So, he told me to go ahead and order it and he woud pay for it.

I happily agreed, telling him that the only thing I had on my holiday list was Barnes & Noble gift cards for more e-books, so it will be really nice to have a gift under the tree. I suppose I could also add some iPod gift cards to my holiday wish list since I'm starting to buy some of the classical music that I so love.

The newest version not only has a light by the blade, but the entire blade can be removed and used free-hand. Sweet!

I did get some work done on my repair yesterday, and two loads of laundry, but I didn't get around to my beta work. I'm slapping myself on the hand and will do it tonight. I did treat myself with a trip to Penco Graphic Supply. A few weeks ago Groupon had an offer from them for $40 worth of art supplies for $20 and I grabbed that quickly. I never have a problem finding art materials that I want :-)

I want to be able to draw items like this on my colored background paper.

So I happily wandered their aisles for an hour. I picked up some wonderful tinted charcoals to play with, some ultra-fine colored gel pens and a nice inexpensive rolling cloth pencil holder that had enough slots for the charcoals as well as my watercolor pencils and those gel pens. Now they are all wrapped up in a nice, compact bundle calling my name. The one thing I was very very happy about was finding a good assorted colors Pastel tablet by Canson. Twenty-four sheets, 98 pound, six colors of four sheets each. I've been looking for a good multi-colored drawing pad for YEARS! Every art store I wander into, I look for one. They actually had several choices from a couple of manufacturers but this one was what I picked. I am so looking forward to playing with my new media on my new backgrounds. Now I can finally use my white pencils and charcoals. So, even if I didn't get quite as much done as I wanted, it was a very successful day.
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