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Engineering Evil

I'm in the process of watching "Engineering Evil" on the History Channel, a two-hour examination of the Holocaust with lots of photos, artifacts from the US Holocaust Museum,. etc.  I realize this is not everyone's cup of tea, and I also realize that there is a good possibility that this will give me nightmares tonight.  But it is a fact of our history that has to be faced, and it is part of my personal family history. & nbsp;

I was fortunate to be adopted by two wonderful people, both of them European Jewish refugees.  My father, who was Czech, lost his older brother in the resistance, and his sister, my aunt, was imprisoned in Theresienstadt Concentration Camp where she, fortunately, survived by pure luck.  My grandparents on both my mother and father's side were killed, my father's parents in Auschwitz where my grandfather's trunk was found by my half-uncle more than 40 years later.  My mother's family, all twelve brothers and sisters that she had, her parents and grandparents were all killed.  So yes, the Holocaust touched me personally, even though I was born after it was over and even though I was not a blood relative.  

I will never forget.  I am a believer in kindness, but I totally understand how evil can exist in the world and how it can grow to encompass large areas in the Shadow.  I have friends in nations that were overrun by evil in those days, and I can't hold them responsible for deeds that they did not commit or condone.  I refuse to feed into hatred and allow it to carry on down through younger generations into the present day.  But, at times, when I see a program like this, when I see my aunt's name in a list of prisoners in the camps, when I see my father's passport stamped "J" or look through his few carefully saved documents from that time...at those times I wonder.  How could something like this have been allowed to happen to the Jews, to the homosexuals, to the Gypsies, to the people?  Everyone was scarred, physically or mentally.  Everyone was affected when they realized what the war really meant - on both sides of the conflict, European and Pacific - both had their horror stories  And everyone should be on guard against something of this nature ever happening again, even though genocide has happened in Africa and Southeastern Asia since WWII.    

Sorry, I just had to share ... I'm now stepping down from my soapbox and crawling back into my personal nightmare.  Please accept my apologies for sharing my paranoia.  

- Erulisse (one L)

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