engarian (engarian) wrote,

Looking Forward to a Non-eventful Week

I always start the week out optimistically, this is no exception. Last week my DH was sick for two days and that really threw a wrench into my schedule. But this week I should be back onto a normal schedule and that will make me happy.

We raked leaves in the front yard yesterday. He used the leaf blower and I raked the areas that he couldn't reach and added them to the compost pile. We have lived in our house since the late 1980's and to keep erosion in check, we deposit grass clippings and leaves into the bad areas to stabilize the area. We had a nice large contribution yesterday. We still need to rake/blow the upper back yard and the lower back yard, hopefully the weather will be condusive to his blowing them this week, then we just need to load the leaves onto a tarp and pull them to the compost.

He had wanted to take us out for a nice dinner, but is still feeling a bit touchy, so I picked up Chipotle Burrito Bowls for us while he went to the store for sour cream, guacamole and cupcakes for dessert (yum!). We had tortillas in the fridge, they are a staple for my kitchen, so we added our own fixings, and he made burritos with his, I ate mine in tortilla pieces like I would have back in Mexico. Either way, it was quite tasty. A good ending to a busy but productive day. I hope your Monday is filled with color and wonder.
Tags: choices, dh, fall

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