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One Down, One To Go

 So, yesterday's sale worked well, and I have one more day to go. Yesterday we ran with two different coupons for people to use - a 40% of any single craft supply item which included tools but not books, and a 15% off your total sale. It was busy all day, but we were only overwhelmed for a short time and managed to get everyone taken care of. There were plenty of people who didn't have the coupons also which made me happy, and lots of people who weren't entitled to any additional discounts.


Hopefully today's coupon sale will bring in the
people and the dollars.

Today will be a bit different and may be a crunch in terms of store location because the items featured in today's coupon are grouped in one small part of the store. Today we are eliminating our precious metal adder on sales of sterling silver, fine silver, gold filled and 14Kt gold items. Today's metal markets are crazy. We finally determined to use a base price for our precious metal items and add a percentage surcharge onto the base price to make the items appropriate for each day's metal markets price. But today, for those with the coupon, we are eliminating the surcharge on all precious metal items. That will result in savings of 30%-50% for most of those items for my customers. I am hoping that things will work as smoothly today. I have high hopes, but I am still stressed to the max for this sale to work out. I did snap once yesterday, and it was at my Manager who was being a turd. But it is unprofessional for me to lose my termper just because he is acting like an idiot. So...once again I am afraid, but I have to place my fears in the hands of the Mother and trust in her. <sigh> That's so much harder to do than to say....
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Hugs you. I am glad yesterday went well. Wishing you all the best for today.
Well, today was a disappointment. The values for the sale items were much larger than yesterday's, but participation was very minimal. We made our numbers, but barely. Count me frustrated.

But then I got back and went on-line and discovered Chapter 14 of Magnificat. Thank you doesn't even come close. I really needed that today and you came through for me in spades. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

- Erulisse (one L)
Oh, I am sorry :( but if that chapter gave you any enjoyment, in what I know is a stressful time, I am so pleased. I wanted to get it up this weekend, as I know from your posts you have been worried and working very hard, and hoped it would cover your request (which I would never have managed for the Help Pakistan auction, time-wise but did want to write.) and perhaps provide you with a few minutes of *escape*

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You are so sweet to think of my stress levels in the middle of your own holiday season and kitchen foods explosions. I couldn't have asked for a nicer end to my day than seeing a new chapter up in Magnificat. And what a chapter!!! As I had said in my review, thank you is totally inadequate for what I felt when I read that and realized what a gift you had made for me :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
kitchen foods explosions.

The chapter would have been up more quickly were it not for the Master Chef of Mess, but this was my absolute deadline for you, and I'm sorry it took a long time, but thrilled you enjoyed it :) Hugs!
Glad to hear yesterday's sale went well! Good luck with today's, I hope it works out.