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Paddling Madly Against the Stream

I'm swimming madly against the stream here. I am keeping up with my B2ME writing and having fun with the stories, but I haven't posted them to any of my archives yet because time just hasn't been there. My monthly challenge fic is undergoing final editing and I'll toss that to them early next week, maybe even tomorrow if I'm really lucky. And I'm keeping up at work (barely) with getting the new items processed.

But, I desperately need some sleep. I have that nasty cold that I was fighting a month or so ago perched next to me again, ready to pounce. It rather reminds me of vultures swimming in the air above me. I am exhausted and worn down right now for a variety of reasons, and of course this weekend starts Daylight Saving Time again, so I'll get an hour less sleep tomorrow.

People-wise, though, things are looking good. DH faxed off the letter re jury duty yesterday, so that's off our backs for the time being, and he's happy he has an appt with his ENT Doctor in a bit more than a week because he really needed one. And things seem to be working out to join my cousin for a few days in Lincoln NE in early May. I'm really looking forward to seeing her again - it's been WAY too long. So, as I said, I'm paddling to keep where I am in the stream. Hopefully things will fall into place during the next week.

If you post your stuff on Faerie, could you put in one collection, please, Erulisse? It is just more fair on other authors than downloading them all as separate fics.

I think that only Linda Hoyland and I have posted B2Me on Faerie so far, and both of us are keeping everything in one collection. (as is Oshun on the SWG.)
Well, I think what I'll do is wait until the end of the month and do collections by subject in some chronology. I think it will work better then. It won't be just a single story, but it won't be bunches of them either and it will make more sense. Good idea on your part, and thanks for mentioning it.

- Erulisse (one L)
People who are working on longer stories (99% of the authors on Faerie) don't deserve to have their work lost by a flood of short fics or drabbles. It's just common courtesy. I don't know if I'll have to mention it to any-one else, but I'll see how it goes if and when people decide to upload. (I am not sure if many people there are participating)

B2Me is one challenge. It could be split into Silm-verse and LOTR, but on a site like Faerie which covers all the Ages, it does not need to be.
I was glad to see people creating B2MeM collections, I'm way more likely to read them than someone who's worn me out with multiple posts. What people don't seem to realise is they lose readers when they spam archives or their friends' flists, specially when there's likely to be as much posting going on as there'll be in a few weeks. Collections = good neighbourliness *g*.
Collections = good neighbourliness *g*.

I couldn't agree more. I think all drabbles should go in collections anyhow, (at least on archives, which are set up for multi-chapters.) People are more likely to read. Spamming an archive with single drabbles would be beyond rude, really, when most authors put so much effort into longer works only to have it buried under a lot of small fics.

It's also just more organized, neat and tidy.
Because of the cards that I chose, they should group well. I was rather picky, not choosing the 20+ that some of my friends have. LOL.

I would never post a bunch of stories on the same day, haven't done that since the very early days when I was getting everything archived, and since I was one of the very first people at Fairie, well...

Back to composition and *hugs* to both of you :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
I doubt any-one noticed when Faerie opened, as every-one was uploading work at the same time, and for several weeks.

When you have time, it would be a good idea to put your present drabbles into a collection on there. It would look a good deal more tidy, and Keiliss is perfectly right that people are more likely to read a collection than just a single post. It also gives a feeling of continuity that single drabbles and small fics don't possess.
I guess I'm a bit bewildered about why I would want to group stories that have no common ground. When I do a drabble series, such as the one I did on Melkor and the one on Earendil, I do group them as a single story with chapters - basically, as a collection. I'm not going to spend the time putting my old drabbles into order, but I do try to have continuity in my current drabbles, so those are grouped when possible.

I very much doubt that I will ever be writing a long, multi-chaptered story as a fanfic, except for my H-verse which has been in progress since NaNoWriMo. Someday I might allow it to be public - maybe. But I would rather put that kind of effort into original works which are now starting to nibble at my mind.

I will try to pull my shorter Helyanwe stories together as a collection because she is the one character that potentially will have a lot written about her and I do have a variety of B2ME stories from 2011 as well as a few short fics that can be consolidated under a single title for her. Hopefully that will help to cut down my listing to something shorter since that appears to be one of the goals here.

- Erulisse (one L)
(I hope Kev is feeling better by now)
I guess I'm a bit bewildered about why I would want to group stories that have no common ground.

The common ground is that they're set in Tolkien's universe. :) Tolkien created a world, and every character whether it be Melkor or Sam Gamgee belongs in it.

On every Tolkien archive I've read people group their drabbles. It's simple politeness, fandom etiquette if you like. And surely it's easier, since when you post one, you don't have to choose the categories, characters and write a summary every single time.

On SoA, it's not just etiquette, it's a site requirement. From their guidelines:

Drabbles and other short works

Items that are 500 words in length or less must be posted in a series, not as stand-alone stories. Authors will not be approved for posting privileges solely on the basis of drabbles or stories under 500 words.

I know of at least one former SoA author who lost posting privileges solely for posting drabbles as stand-alones. So for that particular archive, it's like gravity - not just a good idea, it's the law. ;)

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So for that particular archive, it's like gravity - not just a good idea, it's the law. ;)

Ah. I know SoA has some rules I don't agree with (No slash, no adult, no OFC's/Mary Sues - though who determines the latter?) But I do agree with that that one.

I've not seen it come up as a rule anywhere else, but I've never known authors who produce many drabbles. Those I do know, put them in collections.
Interesting, and nice to see you popping up on my daily ruminations, Surgical.

I suppose it's a good thing that I am tending more and more to write longer and longer. Then again...I don't post on SOA and haven't tried for admittance since we discussed it more than six months ago.

- Erulisse (one L)
Is there anyplace that gives a true definition by word count on what is a drabble, fictlet, short story, novella, novel, etc? I'm always confused about that as I also am confused about the higher ratings levels of PG13 and R and X.

- Erulisse (one L)
A drabble is 100 words, period. The others are somewhat more loosely defined - Googling the terms might help you with definitions there. Ditto ratings - but if there's a question on ratings (esp what makes something an R or an X/NC-17), I'd recommend talking to archive owners. It's somewhat sujective/open to interpretations, and it's safer to ask a site owner what her opinion is on the matter.
That's a good suggestion, and I have worked with site owners on ratings help in the past, I just hoped there might be something that would provide some basic guidelines, especially on the word counts for some of the more muddy terms - fictlet, short story, novella, etc. I guess I'll google them later when I've written more of my current story for N-33. Thanks for your input.

- Erulisse (one L)
Thanks. I had forgotten about the MEFA rules and I'll check out the other links when I get to the shop later today.

- Erulisse (one L)
I just Googled them.
I know what a drabble is, but I rarely use the other terms. Either it's a short story, or a novel with me.
no OFC's/Mary Sues - though who determines the latter?

The site owner, of course. And it's not strictly no adult - it's 'no sex unless it's in the context of a larger story and important to the plot,' i.e. no PWP. The site owner's actually written explicit Elrond/Celebrían.
'no sex unless it's in the context of a larger story and important to the plot,'

A bit like the MEFA's, then?
I'm only up to posting LAST years BTME stuff at Faerie. Goodness knows when I'll get round to this year's stories! I guess I'll post longer stories on their own as I did last year, but with at least several days between them.
Longer stories posted singly are still 'stories', and stand alone. It gives the reader time to get into the world, and get their teeth into something (which is what reading is all about to me). Drabbles are not stories. They're a bit like literary sound bites.
Looking through my "Published Stories" spreadsheet (yes, I have a spreadsheet) there are five groupings of drabbles that I can make that haven't already been grouped. So I'll try to get to those within the next month or so. Everything else I have written is a "story" and, although they might make it into a grouping down the line, right now they are stand-alone. It won't eliminate a lot of my stories, but it will get some consolidated.

Although I still try to write one drabble a week, the majority of what I've been working on are longer stories.

- Erulisse (one L)

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It won't eliminate a lot of my stories, but it will get some consolidated.

Good gracious! At no time did I infer or suggest you eliminate your drabbles, just, for the sake of courtesy to other members of Faerie, to 'file' them (for want of a better word) neatly.
It does not matter what people do on their LJ's - it is their space, but archives are for many people, authors and readers both, and Keiliss' words on 'good-neighbourliness' hit the nail on the head.

Uploading novellas, novels or entire series is a different matter. They are the backbone of fanfiction archives, and people want to read stories. Any archive is glad to have such works, as they attract serious readers. has become an utter mess in the last few months, with people posting 89 word rhymes, and Ten Ways To...and it would not encourage me to read or post on the site; there are clearly no mods to give these people a hint on etiquette, so they are treating the place like a school playground.

It might be an idea to look around whatever archives you read, SWG, SoA, as well as Faerie, and see how other authors approach collecting their drabbles.
I know you didn't suggest that I eliminate my drabbles, I have my own reasons for doing that right now. I am enjoying working on longer works and as long as I can come up with prompts or think of scenarios that I want to explore in more depth, I will probably work on those for a while.

I haven't gone onto LOTRFF for a very long time. I closed that door behind me and never looked back. I tend to do that in my life :-)

I think I know how my drabbles would best be grouped since they are usually requested as part of a series of prompts, that's probably the easiest way to group them.

- Erulisse (one L)
Whenever we swithc to daylight saving time (which will be March 24th here), I never pay attention to the clock, but sleep as long as I need. You should do the same - especially if you fight the cold. Take care of yourself and get well soon! *hugs*
I'm planning on sleeping on Sunday morning, but eventually the light and the fact that my back hates my mattress will wake me no matter what *sigh*. I'm going to keep trying to think positive thoughts because I'm REALLY tired of being sick.

- Erulisse (one L)
Can you save up the BtME prompts and keep filling them after March? Maybe just take things a bit slower... I do admire you for keeping up with everything, though. You have so much on your plate.
I'm always backlogged on things to write, it's my nature - LOL. The B2ME prompts have certain timeframes by which a significant amount of work for the piece must be started. I don't really have problems except those rare times when I get a lot of prompts with things that just can't be combined into a single story. Other times I can combine easily, like yesterday's prompt. Much easier to write one story than three.

Thanks, hun, *hugs*

- Erulisse (one L)
I hope you are better soon. I hate not feeling well. And I think you are doing a great job with all of those prompts.

I'm actually having a lot of fun with the prompts this year - they are making me think around corners sometimes. I should probably have them beta-read, and maybe at some point I may take some of the better pieces over the LC for examination, but even though another set of eyes would be helpful I still think I'm doing OK. Thanks for your kind words and support *hugs*

- Erulisse (one L)
It's frustrating that colds keep us from sleeping just when we need it most.
Yes, more than annoying. I don't like having my general energy levels depleted - not good at all!

- Erulisse (one L)
If I may make a gentle suggestion ...

B2MeM is not supposed to wear anyone out (in a bad way) and especially not make anyone sick. If you have 10 prompts come up one day, you're not required to write for them all. Only a few people are doing this, and, in most cases, they have time off for whatever reason and can therefore devote a huge chunk of their day to working on projects. Most people who are writing something every day--at least on my stamping list--are creating for only a few prompts, often those that can be logically grouped together into one piece.

Everyone writes differently, of course, but I know I can't write at my best when I'm worn-out, much less sick. Just like when I used to skate, my mind and body both have to be in the right place in order for me to perform my best, and I never want to do less than my best. And the purpose of B2MeM isn't to flood Teh Interwebz with tons of Tolkien fanfic in one month; it is to inspire activity in our fandom, which is not necessarily the same as a lot of posting activity since it should also inspire people to hone their craft, try new things, and connect with people from other corners of the fandom whom they would not otherwise meet.

Anyway, long story short ... maybe you need to go easier on yourself? When I hear people who sound more stressed out than I am, and I'm running the darned thing, then I worry. Take time to enjoy B2MeM--that's what it's there for! :)
But I'm really loving it, Dawn.

I've been fighting this recurrent cold/flu since the beginning of the year, and it's not the prompts that are causing me grief, it's RL that is. I finally managed to get Maglor to shut up and be more succinct, so things are much better now - LOL.

Trust me - I'm really enjoying the prompts and I probably will try to continue past the month and do a blackout for my Maglor in History 1 card just because I enjoy writing about him in those situations so much.

- Erulisse (one L)
(I would be much happier if I didn't have to actually make a living at this point *g*)
Oh goodness, I do too. I'm so tired of not feeling well. I have a history of rarely being sick and this year has just made up for the past decade. *sigh*

- Erulisse (one L)
Thanks, I am feeling a bit better. Hopefully that will carry through and I'll be finished with this crap.

Happy daylight savings time :-)

- Erulisse (one L)